You are using power right now. Why not make your own and save?

There is enough sunlight that hits the Earths surface each day to power our entire country for years. 

Power prices have skyrocketed more over 100% in under 10 years and continue to do so along with service fees that cost almost as much as a small car to register each year.

Time to Act.. Take Back Control Now!!

We all know the modern Australian lifestyles and luxuries that we all have become accustomed to has a rather dark and nasty side effect, The Costs that never seem to stop increasing. And for many of us it is becoming harder and harder to provide a stable lifestyle, thanks to those greedy power companies and toxic power stations. It doesn't need to stay this way. You can take control for your future and there has never been a better time to do it.

Installing a solar system on your home is the most simple and effortless solution instantly reducing or even eliminating expenses caused from our electrical devices we love along with those we need.

Solar Power WBB are solution finders. We ensure you will not only receive the high performance, quality and out come we have to offer. But you also receive the peace of mind knowing your home and family are protected by safest solar technology available installed by Locals that care.

Quality pays for itself time and time again. Power your home and start a life of saving with solar today. Act Now!!


Employee of the month.

Every business owner appreciates a hard worker. 

Solar Power Wide Bay Burnett is not well known as a job recruitment agency, but we do have the perfect addition for your business. 

Meet your new employee, Free Power... He comes from the sun, will be there every day of the week regardless and will save you thousands each year from wasted unnecessary expenses for energy.

He is the hardest worker in the company. He starts work at sun-up and doesnt finish until sun-down. Solar is very bright but he's also strong, reliable and a cosistant performer and can operate all your electrical equipment.

Some businesses can spend tens of thousands of dollars on electricity in a year. Imagine having an employee who saved you thousands each year, and after just a few short years worked for free year after year...

Solar Power systems from Solar Power Wide Bay Burnett include products from leading globally renoun manufacturers, we custom each design to your individual requirements providing continious high returns and operation life.

Would you like to save 50-80% off your Businesses power expenses?

Come in and see our office at 103 Boat Barbour Drive. With our working display we can provide proof of our energy costs with all the comforts and latest technology running at a minimal expense.

Come in and talk Savings with our friendly team today.

We do it all with ease 


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