'Solar Power' is a Family Owned organisation with over 40 years combined experience in Home and Business Solar Products.

Since early 2002, Father and Son team (Barry Hunter - Director / Toby Hunter - 2IC) have worked together building a local customer service driven proffessional organisation. "Having worked with some of the pioneers in the Australian Solar Industry we have been able to proffessional energy saving advice and the products to get the job done. We provide the tools to our customers to increase the savings and decrease the outlay in every instance..

After opening our first office front in 2009 in Hervey Bay QLD there has been little time for rest in this fast changing and ever growing industry. We have the highest quality products available and great customer service that our clients have learned to expect from our entire team. After seeing the multitude of fly by night solar companies in the area between 2010 - 2012 we are now one of the select few still remaining to offer quality and backup service to our valued customers.  

Installing Solar can help reduce your power consumption by up to 80%  maybe even more in your case??

Solar Power's specialized testing facility in Hervey Bay, allow us to individualy train our team to ensure the highest level of quality control from beginning to end. That is why we offer a complete 10 year warranty on workmanship with all new Solar Installations.

We test all of our products locally, so we can provide realistic performance estimates with an accurate understanding of how our system should perform for your needs, providing years of savings hassle free.

The Queensland Solar Industry is still growing at remarkable rates, and technology changes so rapidly that it is hard to keep up al times. That's what we do for you, all of our products offer the latest technology and are designed for lasting performances. 

Solar Power WBB offers a range of services such as residential/commercial Electrical Services, Pluming, Air Conditioning and  Energy Auditing. but also 12 Volt Solar, LED Lighting, Home and Business Security Systems, Solar Pumping, Pool Heating, to list a few.

Let us provide the solution to your needs with ease.

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