Quality is Cheaper. While a cheap price might be good to look at on paper. What happens when issues arise? You most likely know someone who learned what extra costs, stress, even damages to property this can cause. Choose a Local Proffessional and be confident you made the right choice

Choosing Solar Products to be installed is usually an investment in your future and that of your family also.

Would you throw $500 at a Busker on a city street because he had a sign up boasting a return of $2000 in 24 hours? No??

What if he had more signs and some other Buskers holding the same sign up and they seemed to be everywhere you looked?
Would you give them any money in hopes of the payment being made as promised? Not Likely is it??

Why would you do exactly that when choosing to investing in yours and your families future. It does'nt seem very smart does it. 

What are you actually thinking of when you here "Value for Money"? Is it low price or unbeatable quality?

It might be cheaper but does it actually offer the same value or warranites and service? Have you read the full terms and conditions?

So many people who have invested in Solar expecting years of Savings, have learnt the hard way, Quality is Cheaper over and over. Some larger impersonal companies view their clients as just dollars and cents. As long as they get their money they dont care about what happens to them. This means if you have problems with your purchase after its installed they take weeks or months to fit it regardless of the threats made. Usually this repair will end up being a cost to the customer in some way and rarely will there be anyone to talk to in person to voice a complaint..

Here at Solar Power Our customer service is second to none. We value each and everyone of our clients and realise that any down time with your solar system is money you should be saving. Most of our work is provided to us from client referrals and anyone who has experienced our work first hand will agree we offer great backup service.

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